Envíos GRATIS para ordenes mayores ¢20.000.
Envíos GRATIS para ordenes mayores ¢20.000.
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Animal Cookies

2,135.00 c/IVA

Rice Flour, Raw Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Cassava Flour, Egg, Potato Starch, Chia, Guar Gum, Vanilla Cream Flavor, Baking soda.
Weight: 190g


Cookies with chia seeds in the shape of animals that represent the wildlife of Costa Rica. They are free of gluten, lactose, casein and soy. Chia seeds provide nutrients such as Omega 3, Protein, Calcium and also provide fiber that improves digestion. For the purchase of these cookies, 10% of the profits are donated to non-profit organizations in charge of developing projects to preserve the wildlife of Cocos Island and Corcovado National Park.